Kesha is set to release her third full-length album Rainbow on Aug. 11 and in an interview with Elvis Duran on Tuesday (July 18) explained what inspired the title. 

"I kind of associate healing with kind of going back to my childlike mind," she said.

On the subject of the album's lyrics and the years of intense legal battles she has endured with her former producer Dr. Luke, she noted, "You heal what you can and keep going."

Music has always been therapeutic for Kesha, she said, explaining on this new album she pushed herself to write lyrics that encapsulated "the hardest thing I could possibly find to say and the thing that I didn’t want to be true or I didn’t want to say and it would just bring me to tears to even think about saying out loud in a room full of co-writers. And that’s when I knew that’s the very thing I have to say, that's the very thing I have to sing."

In a sense, this is all why Kesha started writing songs in the first place -- to pour out emotions and to cope with things when she did not know how to otherwise. The singer's mom, Pebe Sebert, who's also a songwriter, Kesha said encouraged her to "write songs about it" and, most importantly, "write the truth and that will always be better than any other story you could make up." 

Throughout the interview, Kesha did not take any stabs at her haters and encouraged everyone to think positively and ignore the critics. After meeting her idol Bob Dylan, she really could care less about the negativity.

"When I see myself on those Worst Dressed lists all the time I just give it the finger and I’m like, Bob Dylan thinks I look good," she said. "I want to spread good vibes, so if that’s the role I’m in now and if this song is helping people heal then I like that. I don’t think everything that I do is going to be perfect or flawless. I definitely would love to help people, I love if they can relate to my music then that’s beautiful."

Watch the full interview below: