Soul Sisters continues its attempt to reassemble the Lilith Fair music festival on the podcast artist-by-artist, now with Shawn Colvin, who joined Jessie to talk about the 20th anniversary of the fest, which is also the 20th anniversary of her iconic fourth album A Few Small Repairs.

"It was a moment in history, for sure," Colvin recalls of that time. "A lot of fun, too." 

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About the song that made her a household name, the artist tells us how playing it at Lilith Fair was the first time she realized it might be a hit.

"I didn't know 'Sunny Came Home' was becoming a big song," she says, until "people started waving the lighters, there was kind of a roar at the end..." The song has had such lasting power that Taylor Swift once invited Colvin to perform it with her during one of Swift's shows, a story which Colvin recalls here rather amusedly.

Listen to the full episode below as Colvin tells us how she first found her voice, and what fans can look forward to on the recently-released anniversary edition of A Few Small Repairs. And be sure to subscribe to the Soul Sisters podcast for upcoming episodes with more of your favorite artists!