K-pop girl group TWICE returned on Thursday (Oct. 17) with their motivational new Japanese single “Fake & True.”

Like TWICE’s most recent Korean single “Feel Special,” which was based on the group members’ hardships and how they’ve come into their own, “Fake & True” similarly focuses on a person’s relationship with themselves.

The new track focuses on the idea of being truthful to oneself in the pursuit of success and goals, rather than accepting the falsity of settling. "Never ever say, 'I know I can't,'" raps Dahyun. "Believe in your intuition," Jeongyeon sings.

The retro-feeling synth-pop song incorporates vibrant brass and deep-house elements, and was released alongside a glam music video that sees the nine members of TWICE -- including Mina, who has been sitting out on some group activities due to her mental health -- serving up high-fashion looks as they perform the song and its high-energy choreography.

Visual effects are used throughout the music video, as if to make the viewer question what is "Fake & True," such as mirrors, virtual reality goggles, masks, glitchy realities, cameras, and video screens, as well as a prominent lie detector. Classical art and the biblical story of Adam and Eve also appear as reoccuring themes throughout the video. 

The new song precedes the release of the group's upcoming &Twice album, set to arrive on July 20. Along with “Fake & True,” the act’s second Japanese LP will feature other previously released tracks, such as "Breakthrough" and "Happy Happy."

Watch the music video for TWICE’s “Fake & True” below.