TWICE “Feel Special” and spread the feelings in their new single, out today (Sept. 23). 

The title track of their eighth EP, also out today, “Feel Special” is a vibrant, uplifting track from the hit girl group. Opening with quirky synths and leading into a groovy bass beat, TWICE’s latest is spends its time with atmospheric verses and perky raps as it leads into the boisterous, impactful chorus during which the members emphasize the song’s message.  

The lyrics for "Feel Special" are reportedly based on the feelings of TWICE’s members, with producer-songwriter J.Y. Park revealing that he wrote the lyrics after talking with the members of the group. Mina’s solo verse in particular comes across as being immensely personal as the 22-year-old recently publicly revealed her struggle with anxiety, which has resulted in her reduced participation in TWICE’s activities, though she is featured on the album. 

"I just wanted to hide/ Didn't wanna face the world/ As if everything has lost meaning/ As if I have lost meaning/ I just sat there still," she sings about halfway through the song, leading into the song’s comforting, profound chorus: "Then you appeared before me/ With a warm smile, you held out your hand/ Everything's alright/ From nobody to somebody/ I become a very special me."

“Feel Special” was released alongside a music video that positions each of TWICE’s nine members in uniquely “Special” looks that showcase their distinct personalities and roles in the group, such as witnessed in a scene where rapper Chaeyoung and Mina come together, the former in athleisure and the latter, who was trained as a ballerina for years, in an elegant ball gown. Throughout the video, other pairs of the members also reach out to one another, such as when chic Momo encounters the goddess-like Tzuyu in a dollhouse or when glam Nayeon offers a smile of support to classy, pearl-drapped Jihyo. Star-studded Dahyun, donning an umbrella featuring TWICE's colors in an apparent nod to their fans, ONCE, reaches out to a rain-drenched Sana, while Jeongyeon, the solitary unpaired member, feels alone until she is together, having fun with the rest of the group. 

Along with the single, TWICE’s Feel Special EP features six other tracks, including the Korean version of their recent Japanese single "Breakthrough." An unrelenting show of pop perfection from the girl group, the album is a show of the members' emotions as, aside from “Feel Special” and “Breakthrough,” each song on Feel Special features lyrics penned by at least one member of the act: Nayeon wrote the infectious, empowering lyrics to "Rainbow," while the propulsive "Get Loud" amps up the energy with Jihyo's words. The addicting club-ready groove of "Trick It" was co-written by Dahyun, while Momo co-wrote the quirky, ambient electro-pop track “Love Foolish." The whole group came together to write the lyrics to the sweet “21:29,” a tune featuring their messages to ONCE. 

Feel Special is TWICE’s second Korean album of 2019, coming on the heels of April’s Fancy You, which peaked at No. 4 on the World Albums chart, dated May 4. The act was formed in 2015, and has dominated with hit after hit since its inception. 

Take a listen to TWICE’s Feel Special album below.