Cool off with the fiery new single "Icy" from ITZY, which dropped Sunday (July 28).

A propulsive song that soars upon sing-song chants and a groovy bassline, “Icy” follows ITZY’s debut single “Dalla Dalla,” which was released in February and saw major success. The new track fronts their IT’z ICY album, set to drop Monday (July 29). 

"Icy but I'm on fire/  A dream inside me, I'm confident/ Look at me, I'm not a liar/ I don't want to be put in your box." This line serves as the lead-up to the dynamic chorus of “Icy,” and may as well be the girl group’s anthem.

Arriving on the K-pop scene in February as the newest act from JYP Entertainment, home to the likes of TWICE and GOT7, the female quintet set the industry on fire as one of the year’s most popular new artists. Their fiercely confident debut single "Dalla Dalla" -- a song about being different -- caught the attention of fans across the globe. “Icy” continues this theme as ITZY sings about being assured in who they are -- chicly icy in their hot fierceness, serving up a positive message for listeners.

The "Icy" video features the five women as they take to the sunny streets of Los Angeles while singing about how their cool swagger draws the attention of everyone and that they're unstoppable, donning a mix of looks that are all at once elegant and athletic. With stomping dance breaks and colorful animations appearing throughout as they sing and rap, including a sweet show of affection for parents from Ryujin, it's a festive return for the group, showcasing their youthful and energetic vibe.

Watch the music video for ITZY’s “Icy” below.