Instead of prepping for a "Party," KR changes the mood with his searing new video "Real Talk," premiering exclusively today on Billboard

Though he's known as a ladies man, the burgeoning MC shows off his aggressive side on the Dinuzzo-produced record. Standing on an empty street block, KR spews a flurry of venomous bars aimed at his foes: "I'm a player, what the fuck do that mean/ You're with the girl on Instagram, I'm with the girl of your dreams," raps the West Coast wordsmith.

"[While] I consider myself a versatile artist, I always want to emphasize that I am a fan of rap," KR tells Billboard. "I make a lot of melodic tracks, [but] "Real Talk" is one of those records that I put out to display that I would never want my lyrical ability questioned."

Throughout "Real Talk," KR's unflinching demeanor is visibly present. For him, the record was therapeutic and allowed him to voice his frustrations with the music industry.

"Although I'm just getting started, and I have a long way to go, I used that record as a method to release a lot of things that were on my mind that frustrated me about the music business in general," he says. "But over time, I'm starting to realize that it all comes with the territory."

Check out "Real Talk" below.