Brian McAndrews & Tim Westergren: The 2015 Billboard Power 100
NO. 40

Brian McAndrews & Tim Westergren

McAndrews: 56, Chairman/president/CEO, Pandora Media­


Westergrenr: 49, Founder, Pandora Media

Last year's rank:
McAndrews: -- Westergren: 55

More money, more problems. Through September 2014, Pandora's revenue rose 49 percent to $652.8 million and its share of U.S. radio listening grew to 9.1 percent. Yet the Internet radio leader was part of numerous new lawsuits in 2014 over royalties to rights holders and became, along with Spotify, a lightning rod in the age of streaming. To McAndrews, CEO since September 2013, Pandora is a force of good in this changing landscape. "We play music legally," he says. "Some players in the industry don't."

FAVORITE 2014 ACCOMPLISHMENT: "Growing Pandora to a scale where nearly 15,000 artists have at least 200,000 unique listeners." -- Westergren

DEFINITION OF POWER: "Having all my electronic devices fully charged." -- McAndrews