Monica Escobedo & Julie Gurovitsch: The 2015 Billboard Power 100
NO. 77

Monica Escobedo & Julie Gurovitsch

Escobedo: 37, Entertainment producer, ABC News/'Good Morning America'


Gurovitsch: 32, Coordinating music producer, NBC's 'Today'

Last year's rank: --

Yes, they're competitors in the white-knuckle world of network morning TV, where, according to Nielsen, GMA led Today by more than 600,000 viewers in 2014. But from the perspective of a record label, an invitation from Escobedo or Gurovitsch represents a potential career-making opportunity to reach 4.9 million to 5.5 million TV ­viewers (based on the shows' average Nielsen numbers for 2014). After Ella Henderson sang "Ghost" on Today on Oct. 29, sales of the single jumped 184 percent in one week from 13,000 copies to 36,000. 

SONG THAT MADE ME WANT TO BE IN THE INDUSTRY: "I was a dedicated gymnast for 13 years and my coach was constantly blasting Celine Dion's 'That's the Way It Is' as a motivator. That's when I realized the power of music." -- Gurovitsch

BUSINESS ROLE MODEL: "Robin Roberts. She has overcome so many hurdles in her life. No matter what happened to her, she has really stayed positive." -- Escobedo