Joe Belliotti & Emmanuel Seuge: The 2015 Billboard Power 100
NO. 80

Joe Belliotti & Emmanuel Seuge

Belliotti: 48, Director of global music marketing, Coca-Cola


Seuge: 39, Senior vp content for North America, Coca-Cola

Last year's rank: 79

Seuge and Belliotti oversaw two global endeavors in 2014: the FIFA World Cup theme, "The World Is Ours," which spawned more than 32 unique interpretations, and Spotify, which continued its global expansion on the strength of Coke's investment, which, Belliotti says, has increased since the company first took a reported $10 million minority stake in 2012. Coke's backing of global licenser Music Dealers also generated $15 million in revenue for unsigned artists.

EXPERIENCE THAT MADE ME WANT TO BE IN THE INDUSTRY: "Listening to my dad's Cat Stevens records at age 7 and teaching myself to play them on guitar." -- Belliotti