Mark Campana & Bob Roux: The 2014 Billboard Power 100
NO. 96

Mark Campana & Bob Roux

Co-presidents of North American concerts, Live Nation Entertainment

More than 20 million concert tickets sold in North America—a rise of 15%

Mark Campana and Bob Roux were elevated from regional presidents to their current status running North American concerts in what was essentially a battlefield promotion following the industry’s great slump of 2009-10.

If for no other reason than its size, Live Nation bore much of the brunt—and, fairly or not, the blame—for a dismal year when a generally weak economy came to bear as fans were disillusioned by a distorted value proposition. Revisiting those painful days serves only to highlight the impact of Roux and Campana—well-liked veterans who energized disenfranchised local and regional offices and executed the mandate of CEO Michael Rapino (No. 4) to package, price, market and book more prudently, all while focusing on customer service. Show counts went down but grosses and attendance went up—a trend that has gained momentum.

Facing competition from the growing festival scene, Live Nation’s amphitheaters are now appealing to all types of fans. Shed attendance grew by 2.5 million fans in 2013, adding juice to ancillaries in the form of concessions, parking, ticket fees and sponsorships.

An industry in need of new headliners is now fielding a wealth of younger artists, the majority of them playing for Live Nation in both arenas and sheds across North America.