Julie Swidler: The 2014 Billboard Power 100
NO. 95

Julie Swidler

Executive VP of business affairs/general counsel, Sony Music Entertainment

Greasing the wheels and deals that keep the Sony juggernaut moving forward

As befits her position, Julie Swidler has her fingerprints on practically every deal going on inside Sony Music Entertainment. But the area she pays heightened attention to is working with the company’s joint ventures to help them get the most out of Sony resources.

“I try to be as supportive as possible and work with [joint-venture partners] to come up with ideas and who else they should be working with,” she says. “I also help them navigate our system so that they can concentrate on the creative.”

Swidler cites Dr. Luke, Jolene Cherry, Salaam Remi, Patrick Moxey and Judy McGrath as joint-venture partners making things happen. Producer Remi hassigned a few artists to Sony’s Masterworks label in addition to inking acts like Mack Wilds to his own Louder Than Life imprint. She also notes that it’s fun to watch someone with the stature of former MTV Networks chairman/CEO McGrath starting her own venture, Astronauts

Wanted: No Experience Necessary. As for Ultra founder Moxey, in whose label Sony made an undisclosed investment, he was named Sony president of electronic music.

“He has been working his butt off with all of our international companies,” Swidler says of Moxey, “getting them to focus on what they need” to compete in the genre.