David Israelite: The 2014 Billboard Power 100
NO. 94

David Israelite

President/CEO, National Music Publishers' Association

A believer in a constantly shifting future that creates new freedom for songwriters and publishers

Power comes from leverage, and music publishers are gaining leverage in the new marketplace. Music publishing used to be known for collecting pennies from royalties overseen by Congress and the courts. Now its growth comes from royalties that have been established through market negotiations.

To David Israelite, this leverage equals freedom. When the NMPA isn’t providing licensing solutions for digital companies, it’s pushing a philosophy of greater freedom for songwriters and publishers.

The NMPA has shown its ability to affect the marketplace by acting as a licensing bridge for the publishing industry. It helps smaller publishers reach licensing deals with digital services by creating a sort of one-stop shop. It also negotiates settlements with digital services that have operated without licensing agreements.

Israelite wants publishers to prepare for the future. He doesn’t get caught up in the pros and cons of particular business models. He understands shifts in consumer habits are inevitable. He doesn’t focus on how much a service pays out for each stream. Instead, he wants publishers to set themselves up for success when a young business model takes over.