Allen Grubman & Kenny Meiselas: The 2014 Billboard Power 100
NO. 49

Allen Grubman & Kenny Meiselas

Allen Grubman
Senior partner, Grubman Shire & Meiselas


Kenny Meiselas
Named Partner, Grubman Shire & Meiselas

They represent the industry’s biggest artists, most powerful executives, the old-guard companies and the new innovators

If there’s a pie out there related to the music industry that Grubman Shire & Meiselas doesn’t have its finger in, Billboard couldn’t find it.

The firm’s superstar portfolio includes Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Rod Stewart, U2, the Eagles, Kiss, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Usher and Maroon 5.

Grubman Shire & Meiselas also represents some of the industry’s biggest deals, companies and most powerful executives.

Grubman and Meiselas don’t just handle music-specific deals: They have diversified ahead of the industry, representing their clients in branding deals, strategic partnerships and licensing. They also help their clients move beyond the industry—say, into Broadway or movies. The firm represented U2 with the “Spider-Man” musical, Sting as the songwriter/producer for Broadway-bound musical “The Last Ship” and both Usher’s actor agreement to play Sugar Ray Leonard in “Hands of Stone” and his coach deal for “The Voice.”

The firm also represented Madonna in her Iconix deal to develop a desigmer collection.

“Diversification is the name of the game,” Grubman says.