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  2. Savannah Outen: Battle of the Bands 2012 Northwest

    May 16, 2012 1:15 AM EDT 0 0 0 Chart Article Northwest Savannah Outen beat out two other acts in the Billboard.com vote to become the finalist in the northwest region. She has the road to Las Vegas now and you can watch her roadtrip videos roll in on the video player on this page ...

  3. Q&A: Naked Brothers

    Q&A: Naked Brothers

    April 27, 2009 2:40 PM EDT 0 0 0 With a summer tour and a new album coming, Nat and Alex Wolff -aka The Naked Brothers Band - talk to Billboard about loving the Beatles and covering Springsteen; and rock live at AOL. nat wolff , interview , exclusive , The Naked Brothers Band , ale ...