A Disney Soundtrack That Borrows From Argentine Rockers Hits No. 1 in Spain

Karol Sevilla attends 'Soy Luna' photocal at Hesperia Hotel on March 17, 2016 in Madrid, Spain. 

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

The Soy Luna soundtrack album had its worldwide release before the Latin American Disney Channel hit teen show had its premiere this past March. In the U.S., where the Spanish-language show has yet to air, the record has sold barely more than a hundred copies, according to Nielsen Music.

But in Argentina, where the series about a teen who moves with her family from Cancun to Buenos Aires and her adventures at the roller-skating rink debuted in March, the soundtrack album sold a reported 30,000 copies -- just on its first day of release.

And in Spain, Soy Luna reached No. 1 on the country’s best-selling albums list at the end of June and stayed there for two weeks. It is now at No. 3, just behind Spain’s La Voz winner Antonio José and pop singer Manuel Carrasco (also a former reality competition participant).

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Soy Luna is the follow-up to Violetta, another Disney Channel Latin America series that was shown in more than 130 countries and dubbed into 15 languages before its final episode aired in 2015. Albums of music from that show, often referred to as a Latin Hannah Montana, have sold nearly 3 million copies.

In the case of Soy Luna, the album has the sugary, teen-oriented pop you’d expect, but there’s a soaring, arena-rock edge to some of the songs. And, notably, Disney has also tapped into the repertoire of Argentine legends Soda Stereo and popular ska band Autenticos Decadentes, both part of Buenos Aires’ '80s rock explosion, for the show.

The new versions could make the bands' original fans cringe, but they also provide the soundtrack album with a kind of inherent parental (and grandparental) endorsement as a vehicle for bringing Argentina’s rock legacy to a young audience. 

"Profugos" is used in more than one “musical moment” of the series. (Warning: This one might be hard for some Soda fans to watch.)

Here’s Soda Stereo performing their grown-up version of the song at the band’s massive reunion concert in Buenos Aires in 2007:

Members of the Soy Luna cast also do a competitive roller dance while singing Los Autenticos’ “Corazon.”

Here’s Los Autenticos Decadentes performance of their song with members of Cafe Tacvba.