Adele's 'Skyfall': Story Behind the Oscar Best Song Nominee

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Song: "Skyfall"
Film: "Skyfall"
Songwriters/Composers: Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth
Performer: Adele

Lia Vollack, Sony Pictures president of worldwide music: "It was an 18-month process, working on both the creative and the marketing, getting it out and how it's used to promote thefilm. Through every step, we make sure the artist is happy and feels protected.

"The first step was to make sure the song was true to the idea of the film and everything is coordinated between XL, Columbia Records and Sony Pictures. Creatively, the team works with the filmmakers to get the song right. The great thing was that Adele and Paul were really clear about what they wanted to do. She didn't want to do something she was not proud of.

"Adele was a perfect choice for Bond when you look at the tradition of the films' music. The Bond people wanted someone special for the 50th anniversary, and Adele fit that perfectly. Conversations with her began before [21 became a global smash] and we had to wait for her to recover from surgery and then her tours. By that point she was so much more famous, and I think she felt more pressure to get the song right."

Song Sales: 1.4 million
Soundtrack Sales: 19,000
U.S. Box Office: $301.3 million