Vimeo Launches Music Store for Easy Video Soundtracks
Vimeo Launches Music Store for Easy Video Soundtracks

Vimeo today announced the launch of Music Store, a new service intended to make it easy for creators to discover and download music for their videos.

"Finding music to use in your videos can be extremely hard," Blake Whitman, Vice President of Creative Development at Vimeo, said in a statement. "Music Store allows users to easily discover, download and/or purchase tracks without ever needing to leave Vimeo."

According to the release, Vimeo will offer more than 45,000 tracks to choose from in multiple genres. The advanced search feature allows creators to search the music library either by genre or more than 100 categories of metadata from tempo to mood, enabling video creators to filter their search results to fit their specific scenes.

The store provides users with three types of licensing options:
• Creative Commons licenses (free, various licenses);
• Personal, non-commercial, web-use licenses for the casual user ($1.99 per track); and
• Commercial, web-use licenses for professional users ($98 per track).

The music store incorporates a music licensing system from Audiosocket called MaaS (or Music as a Service). wrote about Audiosocket last July when it first released the MaaS API. It is designed to let social networks, gaming platforms, and media sharing services offer their users the ability to search for and license music for anything they're creating, and then share in the licensing revenue.

What sets Audiosocket apart from other online sync licensing services is that it curates its catalog, selecting only the tracks and artists it likes rather than accepting any submission that comes its way. Artists involved set their own pricing, and partners-like Vimeo-get a cut of all sales.

Vimeo is a significant video-sharing service of some scale. It claims 50 miliion unique monthly visitors.

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