Jenni Rivera sat down with Billboard to discuss how she feels about her success, being signed to CAA, and the impact of her reality show "I Love Jenni" at the Billboard Latin Music Conference.

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"Knowing that such a huge company would even be interested in me, it makes me very proud of myself," she said on her agreement with CAA. "Yet at the same time I'm kind of in disbelief that they would want somebody like Jenni Rivera... but there are so many things that I can do because of CAA that I didn't know that I could venture into."

Latin Conference: Jenni Rivera Opens Up About Her Music, Reality Show, and Her Mexican-American Roots

The Mexican-American diva seems very humbled by her success, though not exactly surprised. "I've worked so hard at it. It's not that I feel like I deserve it, you kind of work hard and you have expectations, so I'm living my expectations right now."

She also expressed "amazement" that her reality show "I Love Jenni" has received such a warm response, as it follows Rivera as a woman, not as an artist or entrepreneur.