"It doesn't really matter who wins these things," said Carson Daly on the Red Carpet following the season two finale of The Voice as he discussed the future careers of the show's top four finalists. "We all know they all do well."

If last season's aftermath is any representation of this year, Daly is right on track. The season one finalists have all gone on to release albums on various labels - winner Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, and Vicci Martinez signed to Universal Republic, and Beverly McClellan is working with indie label Junk Drawer Records.

As Daly chatted away with news outlets regarding the show's surprising outcome, Biz caught up with the four finalists to discuss life after The Voice and their career plans on the horizon.

'The Voice' Winner Crowned in Surprise Finale

Jermaine Paul took to the carpet, greeted a plethora of media outlets, and chanted out "I won!" still in shock over the show's outcome. "I was in disbelief that I wasn't forth or third!" he exclaimed, stating that he knew early on that Juliet Simms would be his greatest competition.

paul Season two winner Jermaine Paul on the red carpet following his victory in the season finale. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Paul shared memorable moments of working with mentor Blake Shelton, noting that towards the end of the show, both he and Shelton began to really loosen up in rehearsals and let out a bit more of their personalities. "We really forged a friendship and a coolness, like a coach and a player should," said Paul. The freshly crowned winner said he'd jump at the chance to work with Shelton in the future but playfully skirted around questions asking if he'd consider being the next "Hootie or Darius Rucker." "I'm gonna be my best Jermaine Paul impression every day of my life and I'll definitely sing to the country" he joked.

juliet Runner-up Juliet Simms. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Runner up Juliet Simms appeared to be completely satisfied with the show's outcome. "Jermaine deserved every bit of it. I wanted second place. I'm absolutely so happy," she stated, explaining that from the beginning of the show, when she envisioned the outcome, she pictured herself in second place. Simms says she plans to get started on her new album immediately.

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"Cee Lo was up there on stage telling me that he has a track that he's sending me and wants me to sing on it and I guess we start tomorrow." She told us that she wants to make an album that encompasses everything she did on the show. "I want rock 'n' roll music that people want to hear on the radio - bringing back music from the past time when music was really good."

lucca "Team Adam" finalist, former Mouseketeer and third place finisher Tony Lucca. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Former Mickey Mouse Club member and singer/songwriter Tony Lucca said he went onto the show and put his existing music career on hold with the hopes of gaining more exposure. "What I did in the meantime was basically reinvent myself in front of a national television audience."

Lucca, caught in the crossfire of a Christina Aguilera/Adam Levine feud, answered questions regarding whether or not he thought the outcome of the show had anything to do with the drama surrounding "Team Adam." "I'm not going to be naïve and think it didn't. I think that maybe the takeaway here is that America is not interested in that brand of drama," he said.

Unlike the other contestants on The Voice, Lucca came onto the show with an existing solo career, having toured with the likes of *NSYNC and Sara Bareilles. "It's time to get back to work," said Lucca of what he plans to do now that The Voice is over. "I'm really looking forward to taking this moment and this new creative charge to release on my career." Lucca plans to get back into the studio soon to begin production on a new album. He's also looking forward to going back on the road and reacquainting himself with old fans and "saying hello to the new fans."

mann Fourth place finisher and "Team Christina" member Chris Mann. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Fourth place contestant from "Team Christina," Chris Mann, spoke with us about his planned musical direction after The Voice. "I think the show and Christina's endorsement has helped me to be the next classical crossover artist out there. Michael Buble and Josh Groban and me - that's what I've always envisioned for myself so I want to make a big ass beautiful cool record."

Mann says, despite being last place in the finals, his career is right on track. "I actually have a single already. It's called "Roads" and it's about the roads that I've traveled to get to where I am right now. He explained that Harry Connick Jr. is his career idol and that he'd like to pursue stage, music, TV, and film at some point in his career. When asked if he's already spoken with representation, Mann grinned slyly and said, "I'm good. It's totally good." He explained that he plans to keep in touch with Aguilera and is working on convincing her to "record a song for real" together.