SAG-AFTRA Reaches Industrywide Music Video Deal
SAG-AFTRA Reaches Industrywide Music Video Deal

Capping months of effort, SAG-AFTRA announced Friday that it has reached the first-ever industrywide agreement covering dancers in music videos.

The deal, which encompasses Sony Music, UMG, Warner, EMI, Disney and their subsidiary labels, came less than two weeks after the union's board gave its executive director, David White, the power to issue a Do Not Work Order against the labels.

The three-year agreement was reached in the early-morning hours of June 1, after the current round of talks between the union and label representatives began May 30 in Los Angeles.

A statement issued by the union said that highlights of the contract include:

• Minimum daily rate for dancers

• Contract covers all videos produced by any production company producing music videos on behalf of the labels

• A 12.5-percent contribution to AFTRA H&R for all covered performers

• Guaranteed production conditions, including water, toilets, chairs and shelters

• A binding grievance and arbitration process

• Union access to auditions, rehearsals and productions

• Improved audition conditions, including notification to performers (or their representatives) of start times; individual audition times no longer than four hours; suitable shelter provided during auditions; scale paid if audition footage is used in a music video and re-use of audition footage is paid pursuant to a re-use agreement

• 12-hour rest periods between call times, including rehearsals, makeup and wardrobe

• Safety protections and additional compensation for hazardous performances

• Wardrobe allowance

• Agreement to form a joint labor-management committee to work together to resolve issues as they arise and to assess employment patterns and other matters over the term of the contract.