'12-12-12' Digital Album Drops; Concert Producers Announce First $50 Million to Be Distributed to Sandy Victims
'12-12-12' Digital Album Drops; Concert Producers Announce First $50 Million to Be Distributed to Sandy Victims

Five-plus hours is a long concert, no matter who's playing. But like many others, we watched the entire thing on multiple screens - from Springsteen to Paulvana. Here's an alternate take on the night, containing our favorite Tweets from the Billboard.biz account and occasional dips into the #121212Concert hashtag.

Bruce Springsteen @springsteen
You probably can't tell at home but they've definitely turned the speakers up to 11 tonight for @121212concert

billboardbiz @billboardbiz
It's a pretty historic show that OPENS with @Springsteen #121212Concert

Scooter Braun @scooterbraun
THE BOSS is the MAN! #121212concert

Bill Werde @bwerde
opening video of #sandy & damage opened emotions. Been on verge of tears thru all of Bruce. This is church for a lot of ppl #121212concert

Jessica Letkemann @Letkemann
Proud to be a NYer among NYers & NJers at #121212concert as @brucespringsteen talks about the Jersey shore's inclusiveness #cityofruins

nekesa mumbi moody @nekesamumbi
Man, Bruce's pants are tight .... #121212concert

Fuse TV @fusetv
Quentin Tarantino just walked by... In a pirate hat? #121212concert backstage @TheGarden

Eric Alper @ThatEricAlper
You probably can't tell at home but they've definitely turned the speakers up to 12 tonight for #121212concert

maura johnston @maura
'born to run' made me tear up a bit. #121212concert

Jack Endino @endino
I told Krist "Heck, I've been putting a band together myself lately, but, uh, I don't think I can top that" ;-)

Stephanie Haberman @StephLauren
I could watch this concert every night for the rest of my life. #121212concert

ahampp @ahampp
Can't hear Roger Waters right now b/c Shoshanna from Girls is being photographed. #crack #121212concert

nascarcasm @nascarcasm
"Look for me onstage with Roger Waters - I'm the one in the black shirt and black pants." #121212Concert

maura johnston @maura
opera man would never have stood for this u_u

Jessica Suarez @JessicaSuarez
This is absolutely the last time we should let anyone cover "Hallelujah." #121212concert

121212 Concert @121212Concert
We are experiencing high donation volumes. Please keep trying!!! #121212Concert

Sandra Bernhard @SandraBernhard
chic in a turtleneck #bonjovi #121212concert

Sean Francis @indeciSEAN
"Cowboys In Turtlenecks" - the next @BonJovi album title. Thank me later. #121212concert

Chris Weingarten @1000TimesYes
Looking at the #121212concert audience, we're betting the snack bar guy is gonna be able to put his kids through college during Kanye's set

michael hirschorn @hirschorn
@carr2n i don't think that's eddie vedder, but white guys of a certain age in black t-shirts tend to look the same

david carr @carr2n
I've tweeted 2x from #121212concert w major errors. Pretty sure that guy who slipped me some M&M's was on the level, but,,,

Ali LeRoi @mrleroi
I wonder if #BobGeldof is sitting back saying "Charity concert? Yea, I invented that." #121212concert

Why did people just boo Bruce Springsteen during the #121212Concert ?

PaulCantor @PaulCantor
Living on a prayer is a perfect song if I ever heard one

Tom Poleman @TomPoleman
Incredible show. Great job John Sykes!! #121212Concert

Antony Bruno @AntonyNBruno
Clapton. Damn. #121212concert

ahampp @ahampp
"This has gotta be the largest collection of old English musicians ever assembled." - Mick, who's been reading our tweets

Andre Harrell @iamAndreHarrell
U ever seen a 68 year old man dance freaky ? U haven't seen Mick jagger !

Caryn Rose @carynrose
Very pleasant and communal feeling up here in the rafters. People are nice. #121212concert

Shannon Stewart @shanrstew
Alicia Keys is doing us ladies proud. #121212concert

Mark Sundstrom @106th
let's focus on the fact that Alicia Keys is the ONLY woman in the #121212concert lineup ...proud of her, but c'mon!!

Yasmine Richard @myssmoxie
Folks outside @fusetv studios, SITTING and standing outside... watching @aliciakeys perform! #121212concert

Eric Alper @ThatEricAlper
The surviving members of The Who and The Beatles should form a new band called The Whotles #121212Concert
steve greenberg @steviegpro
@ThatEricAlper I agree--the Who are missing their bassist and drummer, and that's exactly what the Beatles have to offer.

Jason Del Rey @DelRey
If I was 80 and had a two-pack like that, I'd let my shit hang out too

Nelson George @nelsongeorge
Pete Townsend can still shred. Damn he wrote some serious anthems. Big, sweeping, ambitious songs that have held up. Pino Palladino on bass.

superchunk @superchunk
The Rolling Stones sounded like The Rolling Stones i liked that. #regularsizedbackline #121212Concert

Jessica Suarez @JessicaSuarez
McCartney bout to do the Pusha verse on "Mercy" stay tuned! #121212concert

cganz @mehpatrol
Guess Twitter collectively forgot about 'Ye's Throne tour kilt...

Billboard @billboard
Funny how in a show full of rock legends the only hip hop artist @kanyewest is the only 1 at rock volume #LOUD #121212concert [email protected]

Kanye's Skirt @KanyesSkirt
Sorry everybody. This is awkward for me too. #121212Concert

Lamonte Ball @LamonteBall
What people may not "get" is no matter what people are saying, like the kilt, don't like, anything else, but EVERYONE is talking about Kanye

ahampp @ahampp
Clear Channel's John Sykes: #121212Concert already grossed $36M from tix sales and sponsorships for Sandy relief before 1 note was played

Bill Werde @bwerde
Something incredibly sweet and telling I think about @kanyewest omitting his own curses during #121212concert

ahampp @ahampp
Also, Sykes said they purposely booked older acts vs younger b/c they wanted to reach boomers, their wealthiest donors #121212concert

JamesPoyser @jamespoyser
He kilt it...

Missinfo @Missinfo
#skirtsforsandyrelief I'm down.

Jon Cohen @faderfam
Billy Joel is still the Fifth Beastie Boy.

jimmyasci @jimmyasci
Billy Joel is a national treasure. #billyjoel #121212Concert

Missinfo @Missinfo
billy joel looks different next to chris martin. #121212concert (#dontshootme #Imkidding)

Ethan Kaplan @ethank
Wow, Michael Stipe singing Losing My Religion for the first time in 4 or so years.

Katy Krassner ‏ @AskKatybook
i love paul mccartney. i am so tired. #121212concert

storme warren @stormewarren
Come on, Sir Paul! Make me happy for staying up. I know you've got it... Wait...nope. That wasnt it. Love Diana Krall, but....

Andrew Loog Oldham ‏ @loogoldham
sounds like 121212 just moved from MSG to the holiday inn

ClaudeKelly ‏ @ClaudeKelly
its happening! #NIRVANA

Well, ain't that some sh*t. McCartney. Grohl. Novoselic. #121212Concert http://vevo.com/121212concert

Billboard [email protected]
While Paul McCartney rocks w/ 'Nirvana' a crowd of VIP has swarmed onto the hidden half of the rotating stage #121212concert

Monica Herrera ‏ @lapuravida
So @!*#$% overjoyed I stayed awake for this.

Mark Sundstrom [email protected]
if you had ANY doubt that "Empire State of Mind" was the new modern NYC anthem... well... #121212concert

Liana Huth [email protected]
Proud. #121212Concert Oh, and #121312 !!

Jonathan Cohen ‏ @brainofjoacohen
Jager shots with Grohl. #whynot