Green Power Generators (GPG) is targeting the touring industry with a new line of biodiesel generators designed to reduce carbon emissions.

In recent weeks, GPG inked a deal to provide generators for the Aug. 25 Warped Tour stop at Caroson, Calif.'s Home Depot Center, according to GPG co-founder Tomer DeVito, who adds that more projects are in the works.

In order to get the project off the ground, GPG initially partnered with Cummins Power Generation -- a producer of generator engines -- to develop fuel blends that can withstand the extended operation often found at concert venues. The result was a system that allows for biodiesel blends of up to 30% to be used in Cummins engines, prompting Cummins to honor the warranties of GPG generators using the more robust blends.

Traditionally, generators have been powered by petroleum-based diesel fuel known for high carbon dioxide emission levels. Biodiesel fuel is a derivative of vegetable oil, and is biodegradable.

Further information about GPG can be found at company's Web site.