The 2007 Vans Warped tour grossed about $18.6 million and sold 622,467 tickets to 45 shows, according to tour founder and producer Kevin Lyman, president of 4fini Productions.

The 13th edition of the Warped tour wrapped Aug. 25 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. Among the dozens of bands on the bill this year were Bad Religion, Hawthorne Heights, Cute Is What We Aim For, Flogging Molly, Killswitch Engage, Coheed and Cambria, As I Lay Dying, Sum 41 and New Found Glory, among others.

Tour producers were pleased with the numbers put up by the longest-tenured multi-act touring festival on the road. "We built the whole business model on 600,000 and we did five fewer shows than last year," Lyman tells

"We had a great summer," Lyman continues. "I think that everyone, with a couple days off, would have been willing to go another couple of months with it. That's what I really walked away with; the bands were genuinely overall kind of bummed that the tour was over."

Lyman says a "well-rounded, diverse lineup" helped drive the success of Warped in 2007. Both the talent budget and the advertising budget were increased by about $1 million, Lyman says, but ticket prices only increased about 75 cents per, on average. The range was from $19.99 to $37 day-of-show, all fees included.

"We had less stages but the quality of the talent was a lot better," Lyman says. "It made it kind of special to be on Warped again."

In years past Warped has had some dates with as many as 110 bands on the bill. "This year we averaged 70 to 75 bands," Lyman says. "The kids were not overwhelmed, but there was still a lot going on."

Asked who might be the breakout bands from Warped '07, Lyman says, "Paramore went through the roof; Gallows is now getting offers to do a lot of great tours. Bayside did very well out there; Boys Like Girls did very well."

But Lyman seems most pleased with the diversity of an admittedly segmented genre. "It was great to see kids wearing Bad Religion shirts going over to see Killswitch Engage," he says. "That's what I really got out of the tour this year -- you could walk around at any given time and find kids who probably came to see a certain band all of a sudden checking out a different genre of music."