Aaron Grosky and Nina Guralnick have been promoted to president of Control
Room and Live Earth respectively, responsible for identifying and executing
each company's strategic and operational initiatives.

Formerly executive VP of music programming and production for Control Room,
Grosky developed the company's long-term programming strategy and led all
Control Room productions. Simultaneous to his role at Control Room, Grosky was tapped to serve as global producer of talent and programming for Live Earth, responsible for securing 150 top artists and creating the programming strategy for the nine stages around the world during the 24-hour broadcast across television, broadband, radio and wireless networks.

As president of Control Room, Grosky will continue to refine the company's
long-term strategic vision, identify the company's overall music programming, production and distribution strategies, and serve as primary liaison with key content distributors including MSN, MediaFlo and MyNetwork TV, as well as artist management and labels.

As Control Room's GM, Nina Guralnick guided the strategic direction and development of partnerships with key content distributors, including MSN,
NCM, Media Flo, and DIRECTV, as well as oversaw the company's daily operations, including staffing and sustainability. Guralnick also served as Live Earth's executive-in-charge, where she oversaw key relationships with broadband distribution partner MSN and led the strategic vision and execution of all Live Earth interactive elements.

As president of Live Earth, Guralnick will identify the company's long-term
strategic vision, including NGO partnerships like the Alliance for Climate Protection, and developing sustainability programming.

Both Grosky and Guralnik will report to Control Room/Live Earth CEO Kevin Wall.