The profitability of the Live Nation/Madonna 10-year deal depends on how well the company can capitalize on the depth, global breadth and, perhaps most important, length of the deal.

Additionally, Madonna's success or lack thereof will serve as a high-profile report card for Artist Nation, Live Nation's multifaceted new 360-degree artist services platform that rolls out with Madonna as flagship artist.

Though the Madonna deal has its detractors, Live Nation says it expects the new partnership to generate a financially sound return for Madonna and for Live Nation shareholders during the next 10 years. The company also expects the profile of the Madonna deal to attract new artists to the Artist Nation fold.

Headed by the division's chairman/CEO Cohl, Artist Nation intends to partner with artists to manage their "unified rights," grow their fan bases and reach fans through Live Nation's global distribution platform and marketing proficiencies. The new division has significant infrastructure in place to execute such revenue generators as recorded music, merchandise, studios, media/digital rights, fan club/Web site and sponsorships.

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