Live Nation's new marketing alliance with Citi could herald a wealth of mega-deals to come.

The Citi deal (, Feb. 13) is the first to fully leverage the live entertainment giant's evolving, multifaceted music platform. The relationship has already manifested itself with two major events: Citi presents Billy Joel's "Last Play at Shea" concert July 16 in New York, and the final North American leg of the Police reunion tour this summer, both promoted by Live Nation.

"This is a great example of what you can expect to see going forward from our company and the strategic partnerships we're going to form with corporate America to expand our distribution platform, reach more fans directly where they are and sell them artist-related products," Live Nation CEO of North American music Jason Garner says.

The deal, which makes Citi the "official credit card partner" of Live Nation in the United States, includes concerts, online ticketing and access to Live Nation Artists (right now, Madonna only) through VIP events and promotions.

While neither side would discuss terms of the agreement, it is believed to be a multiyear deal valued at as much as $100 million, or more during the term if multiple components come into play. It's not a stretch to suggest that this is one of the most lucrative, comprehensive live entertainment sponsorship deals ever, provided all its multiple facets come into play and its potential is realized.

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