In a music business where nothing is certain, the Jonas Brothers are about as close to a sure thing as exists. They're the kind of act a promoter would like to be in bed with well beyond a one-night stand.

That's because they sell records and tickets in equally large numbers, and because they've captured the crucial teenage demo thanks to the promo efforts of Hollywood Records and a recent opening slot on the box-office-busting Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana tour.

That trek grossed more than $54.4 million and moved more than 978,000 tickets from 69 shows reported to Billboard Box- score. The Jonas Brothers' self-titled album is at 999,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Whereas an act on the rise might have once signed a series of one-off deals to further its touring revenue, now it is partnering with a single entity for long-term arrangements.

That's exactly what the Jonas Brothers and Maroon 5 have done with Live Nation. AEG Live, Live Nation's chief rival on the global touring front, says it is currently in confidential multi-tour negotiations with several top-tier acts. AEG promoted Hannah Montana and Justin Timberlake's $126 million tour in 2007, and has Celine Dion, Bon Jovi and others on the road in 2008.

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