A healthy live show marketplace is spurring innovation in creating new revenue streams and new types of revenue producing shows. That was one of the topics at the "Coming To You Live: The Financial Rewards Of Touring" panel at the Billboard Music & Money Symposium on Thursday.

"We have been promotion neutral," working with different promoters, and serving as the standby promoter, noted Madison Square Garden Entertainment president Jay Marciano. For instance, if a show is having difficulty selling MSG, Marciano said that reaching out to MSG's Cablevision subscriber base is an option.

But the company has been active in creating shows that can have a long run or even take on the road. Its flagship in that space is, of course, its Radio City Christmas Spectacular. But in addition, "We asked Cirque Du Soleil to create a children's show for us," and it also created a Vaudaville show for adults, which will do a residence tour, Marciano said. "When it comes back through a town it will have fresh artists," he added.

While Marciano obviously sees the importance of developing a brand, he also thinks its prudent to protect brands like Madison Square Garden and Radio City Hall, instead of rolling them out to other markets.

The robust market allows Anschutz Investment Co. to take on big projects like developing arenas, which can be a considerable investment. But often, Anshutz can "see a return on investment" that others might not want to pursue, said the company's managing director Steven Cohen. Going forward, Anschutz sees more opportunity for arenas in the global marketplace. There is some opportunities in the U.S. to build arenas, but the rest of the world is a bigger oyster, he said.

Cohen said his company is a big believer in diversifying into the global market.

Charlie Walker, a partner at C3 Presents, sees opportunity in the festival concert marketplace. With that type of concert, the promoter is not headliner dependent so much. But to establish a festival is not for the feint of heart. "We expect to lose seven digits in the first year to get it up and running," he says.

Once a festival is established, then most of the marketing is done through the company's database, but Walker cautioned that it is important to keep the databases isolated to a particular property.