Anschutz Entertainment Group CEO Tim Leiweke said the concessions attached to the DOJ approval of the merger will "enhance our ability to compete effectively in the ticketing, venue operation and live event promotion businesses,” in a prepared statement. AEG would have been the biggest potential legal challengers to the DOJ's merger ruling.

Leiweke said AEG has obtained "contractual commitments" which will allow AEG to operate a private label ticketing site using the Ticketmaster system on "favorable terms." Ticketmaster will host the ticketing site, including for both AEG-affiliated properties and other clients.

While AEG will have the ability to operate under the private label site for up to five years, AEG has obtained complete flexibility to migrate some or all of its ticketing business to one or more alternative ticketing platforms at any time following the merger. AEG intends to "aggressively explore such alternatives, including ticketing companies both in the U.S. and in other markets with whom AEG is already engaged in on-going discussions."

In an important detail, AEG also has an option to license and install the Ticketmaster software to power a competing ticketing system should AEG elect not to pursue an alternative technology. Also of importance is the fact that, according to Leiweke, AEG has received "definitive assurances" from Ticketmaster regarding its rights to own and use customer and other data for any tickets that it sells through Ticketmaster.

"Together with other provisions of the Department of Justice's proposed final judgment, including required divestitures and significant behavioral remedies, we are confident that the arrangements we have reached with the parties will serve to increase competition and further the interests of consumers and other participants in the live entertainment industry, not only in the United States, but in a number of key international markets (including Canada and the United Kingdom, among others)," Leiweke said in the statement.

Washington D.C. independent promoter Seth Hurwitz, chairman of I.M.P., had this to say about the DOJ's approval of the Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger:

"Though I've not had the opportunity to review it yet fully, it seems the Department of Justice has dictated in the consent decree that Live Nation and Ticketmaster can't engage in anticompetitive behavior on any level going forward -- and if that's true, it'll be a better world for everyone. The department seems to understand the issues, our concerns and the fears the entertainment industry holds about Live Nation's and Ticketmaster's predatory and uncompetitive behavior. This puts Live Nation Entertainment under a microscope, a place we wished Ticketmaster and Live Entertainment were under a long time ago. It all comes to down to whether the DoJ will indeed be the watchdog they claim they'll be."

I.M.P. owns the 9:30 Club, operates Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Md., and is the producer of Virgin Mobile Festival in the U.S.

In a prepared statement, Comcast-Spectacor President Peter Luukko said:

"As was revealed today when the Department of Justice approved the Ticketmaster and Live Nation merger, Comcast-Spectacor has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire Paciolan from Ticketmaster. As a result of this proposed deal, Comcast-Spectacor will own Paciolan's technology, the intellectual property of Paciolan, and all of its accounts (approximately 200 accounts).

This is a very exciting opportunity for Comcast-Spectacor to extend our ability to be the ultimate sports and entertainment provider, managing public assembly facilities (through Global Spectrum), catering and providing food and beverage sales (through Ovations Food Services), selling naming rights and sponsorships (through Front Row Marketing Services), and now, the further ability to sell millions of tickets to events worldwide.

When Comcast-Spectacor adds the Paciolan business to its existing ticketing business, clients will have the option to select the ticketing solution that best meets their specific goals. Through Comcast-Spectacor, these teams or arenas will be able to either license the technology and operate it themselves through Paciolan; or contract with New Era Tickets for complete ticketing services."