New York-based independent concert promotion company the Bowery Presents has extended its presence to Boston. The principals of the Bowery Presents have signed a long term agreement with the recently renovated Royale Nightclub to book approximately 100 nights a year with live music. Josh Bhatti will head the new Boston office. The Bowery Presents Boston is the company’s first long term venture outside of the New York metropolitan area.

“It’s a natural step for Bowery Presents to go to Boston because usually groups play both markets,” Bower Presents partner Jim Glancy tells “The type of music we book lends its self to Boston crowd—not only indie rock but also a broad cross section of music.”

The Bowery Presents Boston, led by Bhatti, will have a full time staff on the ground. Bhatti’s responsibility will be to book the Royale and possibly other venues and festivals in the Boston area. A Boston native, Bhatti comes to Bowery from Boston’s Developing Artist, a concert production and live event company, where he booked performances for local universities and private events. Prior to that, he was with Live Nation, where he served as a talent booker.

The Royale Nightclub is located in the heart of Boston’s theatre district at 279 Tremont Street. Built in 1918, the building has gone through extensive renovations and continues upgrading with a new sound system and other elements planned. There has been a change in staff and management at the Royale as well, with David Ralph serving as the Royale’s management consultant.

The combination of the revitalization of the Royale and the addition of Bhatti to the team provided “a great opportunity,” says Glancy. Asked if there might be further expansion of the Bowery Presents into other markets, Glancy says, “There’s always hope to expand in the future, but I don’t think you’ll see Bowery Presents rolling out five markets in the next year.”

Bowery principals Michael Swier and John Moore have presented music at the Mercury Lounge, the Bowery Ballroom and Webster Hall in New York for 15 years. Glancy, former president of the New York division of Live Nation joined the company as partner in 2006.