Telekinesis SXSW Diary: Insane Television Watching, Heaps of Sunscreen, Chris Walla
Telekinesis SXSW Diary: Insane Television Watching, Heaps of Sunscreen, Chris Walla
A Room With A View. The author shoots Austin's famed 6th Street from the balcony of the Driskill Hotel where "it was calm and nice to watch the craziness from." (Photo: Michael Benjamin Lerner)

I think there are two types of SXSW goers: The ones who are in it to win it. Like, in it for the long haul. Beer all day. No water. No sunscreen. No where to crash at night. No idea where they are at the end of the night. This applies to band members and spectators. I, however, fall into the play and dash category, aka P+D. Play and dash is the play your show, do your interviews, and then dash back to your hotel as soon as possible to sit in a bath and an air conditioned room. I drink more water than beer, and I wear heaps of sunscreen.

We, Telekinesis, arrived at SXSW from Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Wednesday. We had to hustle from Baton Rouge early morning style, to get to our Waterloo Records party by 5:30 PM. This will be my second SXSW personally, but my bandmates are seasoned veterans. Last time we were here, it was absolutely bonkers. This time, it's proving to be the same.

Waterloo was super fun! It's a little outside the city, so parking and load-in were a breeze. A perfect way to start our SXSW 2011 experience. Plus, it was outside, and there was a fantastic breeze coming from behind us while we were playing. It felt glorious. The crowd was great, and the show was really fun!

After that, we checked into our hotel, and called it a night. Not before some insane television watching. It's the little things.

Forever Young: MTV's John Norris interviews Michael Benjamin Lerner at SXSW

Day two started, for me, at the laundromat. It's been a pretty hectic touring schedule for Telekinesis leading up to SXSW. We've been out since February 18th. So, laundry has been an issue that needed to get solved. Being at the laundromat, alone, was a great way to start day two. We had two engagements. The Billions day party at the Mohawk, and a performance at the Spin Loft.

The Mohawk show was inside, and it's a pretty small space. You just never know what to expect here. But, we weren't super rushed to set up, and the people working there were super kind. We played a super sweaty rock show, and it was a lot of fun! After some bro times with our booking agents, amongst others, I ran into Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie), and we started walking over to the Spin Loft for our performance.

We were to do this as a two-piece, but when we got there, they had two guitar amps. So, we asked Walla if he wanted to play with us (even though he didn't really know how to play the songs), and he of course said yes. So, Cody Votolato (our guitar player) taught him the three songs, and we got up and played them, and it was a blast! Walla killed it. He's a genius though, it doesn't surprise me.

After that it was Whole Foods, and hotel for more marathon TV watching. Bed early, and ready for day three! Under The Radar party, and Merge Showcase!