U2's 360 Tour 'Claw' Sale: New Details Unveiled
U2's 360 Tour 'Claw' Sale: New Details Unveiled
U2 Claw
U2's 360 Tour "Claw" (photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com)

As previously reported on Billboard.biz, U2's "Claws" -- the alien-like, four-legged structure over the stages of their current "360" tour -- are going on sale when the tour concludes on July 30. As the end of the tour approaches, more details have been released about the sale and possible uses for the 29,000-square-foot steel structures.

The four-legged "Claws" were designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, and by the tour's end, they will have been seen by more than 7 million fans at 110 concerts in 30 countries during the two-year-plus tour. A statement by Live Nation articulates the many ways they could be repurposed after sale.

Each "Claw" can function as an entertainment venue, a world cup stage, an exhibition hall with multiple floors, a covered plaza with a 2,800 person capacity, or even a biodome. The structures are historical as well as functional, and can be installed in a very short time period, according to Live Nation.

Built to support up to 185 tons and withstand high winds, the structures carry cyndrical, 14,000-square-foot video screens.

Earlier this month, U2 tour director Craig Evans told Billboard.biz that three of the "Claws" would be for sale after the tour concludes in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Details on the sale and additional information, including 3D renderings of the repurposed structures, is now available on the Panther Management website