Billboard Touring Conference & Awards 2011 Hub
Billboard Touring Conference & Awards 2011 Hub

The power of social networking as a ticket-seller has been well known to the touring business since Conan O'Brien famously sold out his 2010 tour on a single tweet. Many in the touring industry want to make better use of social as a marketing tool, particularly at the venue level, but the space is so cluttered with start-ups and shiny new toys that some are confused to the point of frustration. That frustration will be directly addressed with the opening session at the Billboard Touring Conference, set of Nov. 9-10 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. The title of the panel leaves little wiggle room for the panelists: "How Exactly Will Social Sell Tickets?"

Don't miss the 8th Annual Billboard Touring Conference & Awards, taking place November 9-10 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. Now in its 8th year, the conference features unique programming that informs, educates and provides a forum for promoters, agents, managers, venues, sponsors, merchandisers, ticketing companies and all touring-related businesses about the industry's latest opportunities, current challenges and biggest successes.

This panel is designed to drill down past the catch-phrases to demonstrate how touring artists, venues, promoters and ticketers are using social media and mobile to sell tickets and other goods. It's a "Where's the money?" panel that will focus on efficient social tools to help move the 40% of concert inventory that goes unsold.

The panel will be moderated by the digital entrepreneur Pinky Gonzales, now SVP, West Coast Operations, for BubbleUp Ltd. Speakers include Lynsie Campbell, co-Founder/president, Showclix; Jordan Glazier, CEO, Eventful; Ian Hogarth, co-founder/CEO, Songkick; Kip Levin, EVP/eCommerce, Ticketmaster; Nathan Hoy, VP of Music, ReverbNation; and J Sider, CEO, RootMusic.

"I can't think of a better topic for the Billboard Touring Conference than how to use social technology to sell tickets," Gonzales says. "Facebook and Twitter have turned the world upside down, and I guarantee that this panel will blow minds. CEOs and senior executives from the companies paving the way will debate the pros, cons and opportunities facing the industry in an ever more connected world."