Photos: Beach Boys' Grammy Reunion Rehearsal With Maroon 5, Foster the People
Photos: Beach Boys' Grammy Reunion Rehearsal With Maroon 5, Foster the People

Singers Mike Love of The Beach Boys (L) and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 perform onstage during The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards rehearsals at Staples Center on Thursday. (Photo: Rick Diamond/WireImage)

The Beach Boys, Maroon 5 and Foster the People rehearsed their three-song performance for Sunday's Grammy ceremony. Rather than give a play-by-play of what you'll see on Sunday night, we'll share these observations:

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* Al Jardine, the guitarist who left the Beach Boys to attend dentistry school only to soon rejoin the band, sort of looks like a dentist.

* Come Sunday, do not try to count how many people are on stage. Figure there are eight non-Beach Boys, five once and future Beach Boys, Brian Wilson's full ensemble and perhaps a few you can't identify. It's crowded up there.

* David Wild, who writes the Grammy show, tweeted from one of the best seats in the house during rehearsals. Keep track at @wildaboutmusic.

Larry Vallon, Senior Vice President, National Booking at AEG Live with Quint Davis, president of Festival Productions Inc./New Orleans and the producer and director of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Photo: Rick Diamond/WireImage)

* Adam Levine + a Beach Boys classic = teenage longing. Marc Foster + a Beach Boys classic = vulnerability exposed.

Show producer Ken Ehrlich with Beach Boy Mike Love (Photo: Rick Diamond/WireImage)

* If it all comes off and resembles the Beach Boys as heard on record, not enough credit will be heaped on two people America does not know, Darian Sahanaja and Scott Bennett, the musicians in Wilson's band who have guided his comeback.

* A reunion tour is definite, but it is highly unlikely an announcement about dates will emerge in the midst of Grammy coverage.

* "Good Vibrations" is looking more and more like rock 'n' roll's most timeless tune.

Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys rehearsing. (Photo: Rick Diamond/WireImage)