UR1 Music Festival is going to try to shake up the concept of what a festival can be when it debuts this December 8-9 in Miami.

The brain child of Alex Omes and Emi Guerra of GO BIG Productions, the two-day music and arts festival will coincide with the 11th annual Art Basel Miami Beach, a prestigious art show, and will be tapping into the creativity of the weekend to build a limitless event that will freely combine music, art and design with DJs, live music, and performance and visual artists.

"It is time the bar was raised. We are not putting up a stage for fans to stare at, UR1 will be a 4D experience," said Omes, who also co-founded Ultra Music Festival, in a statement. "We have some of the most creative musicians and artists in the world participating and have given them carte blanche so come up with their "dream" performance."

UR1 stands for Your Generation Music Festival, and it will be attempting to reach the pinnacle of contemporary artistic expression through its loose parameters.

Additional information, including the festival lineup, will be released this summer.