Louis C.K. Sells $4.5 Million in Concert Tickets In 2 Days
Louis C.K. Sells $4.5 Million in Concert Tickets In 2 Days

A screenshot of Louis C.K.'s website's tour page says the following: "So here's all where I'm coming on this tour. Click on the right to buy tickets. You can't get them ANYWHERE but here. So no crazy high ticket fees, no scalpers, no annoying emails, no joining a thing that you hate."

NEW YORK (AP) -- Louis C.K.'s gambit to sell tickets to his comedy shows himself is paying off.

The comedian said Wednesday that after just 45 hours, his tour has sold 100,000 tickets and taken in $4.5 million in sales. He's bypassing ticketing services like Ticketmaster to sell tickets only on his website.

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On Monday, he began selling tickets for $45 without fees. His 39-city stand-up tour kicks off in October.

After announcing the results, he tweeted: "I guess it was a good idea."

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Louis C.K. previously sold downloads to his special "Live at the Beacon" for $5, a move that was widely hailed and has since been imitated by other comics. It made more than $1 million in 12 days.

His FX show "Louie" debuts its third season Thursday.

(Additional reporting by Andy Gensler)

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