Beyond Netflix: Where Else To Get Your Flick Fix
Beyond Netflix: Where Else To Get Your Flick Fix

Redbox, famous for its ubiquitous DVD rental kiosks, is announcing today that it is entering the ticketing game, beginning in the Philadelphia market with kiosks and online sales.

Regardless of the ticket price, Redbox Tickets will be sold at face value or below, with a $1 handling fee per ticket for Redbox.

"Last month and in the second quarter we had 59 million transactions each month for people coming to us to find out how to spend a few hours being entertained, so we thought it was completely natural to extend and offer people the same Redbox model - affordable, fun, convenient access - to live events," Redbox president Anne Saunders tells

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Saunders believes that Redbox could help address an industry-wide issue of unsold inventory, much of it due to a lack of awareness about events by consumers. "We know from talking with our customers that they go to a lot of live events, and for many of us it's not always easy to find out what's going on and how to get the tickets," says Saunders. "Part of what we can do is bring the terrific asset of the relationships we have, the physical footprint, and the impulse power that we have with our great retail base to help introduce people to what's going on in their neighborhood."

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Tickets will be sold at select Philadelphia-area Redbox locations starting today, and will roll out to all 650 kiosks in the market by mid-October. They can also be purchased online at Consumers will have the option to print their tickets at home or in some cases, pick them up at the event venue.

Starting now, Philadelphia-area consumers can purchase tickets to Carrie Underwood live at the Wells Fargo Center (Nov. 28, 2012); NASCAR events at the Pocono Raceway; the Philadelphia Film Festival (October 18-28, 2012); and a variety of Villanova Athletics sporting events, among additional local events and attractions. Ticket inventory in categories such as sporting events, concerts, cultural events and family-friendly attractions will be added regularly.

Redbox Ticketing is venue, promoter and event agnostic. Venues, event owners, attractions, team owners or ticketing companies that are interested in partnering with Redbox to make their inventory available to both a national and local audience can also go to to learn more or email Redbox at [email protected]

"We're creating a platform to be a primary seller of tickets, and we're open to everybody, whoever is controlling the inventory," says Mark Achler, senior vice president of new business, innovation and strategy for Redbox. "Our job is to take our great marketing assets and make them available to the industry, create awareness, drive discovery and help grow the pie for everybody. Our message to the industry is we are open for everybody who would love to partner with us."

New Era Tickets and Sparkart are key launch partners of Redbox Tickets. Philadelphia is up first, to be followed by a launch in Los Angeles in early 2013. "We don't' see any reason this can't be a national offering, but we're focusing now on those two markets," says Saunders.

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