Bob Seger told a 1975 audience at Detroit's Cobo Arena, where he taped his famed "Live Bullet" album, that it "might just end up on a record." He'll be able to say it again this week at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Seger and his Silver Bullet Band will be filming and taping the final two nights of their four-show home stand tomorrow (Dec. 28) and Saturday at the Palace in suburban Detroit. There's no word yet on what will become of the material, although a Seger source tells that "obviously we're intending to do something with it, sooner rather than later."

Seger tells that the multi-night stand means that Detroit is "probably the best place to do it," but the hometown factor also works in its favor. "Obviously nobody knows our stuff better than Detroit," Seger says.

The idea for some sort of document of the tour -- Seger's first since 1996 -- was broached to the artist after a Nashville concert by a neighbor of songwriter/producer Emory Gordy. "He's not in the business or anything; he just lives next door to Emory and Patti (Loveless)," Seger recalls. "I guess he went on the Web sites or something, and he said 'Everybody's clamoring for a DVD. People have been saying you gotta do a DVD of this show.'"

If it takes that direction it will be Seger's first concert video of any kind. He's released two concert albums, "Live Bullet" in 1976 and "Nine Tonight" in 1981.

The taping has fans wondering if Kid Rock -- with whom Seger shares manager Punch Andrews -- will make another guest appearance to recreate their duet on Vince Gill's "Real Mean Bottle," which the two Michigan rockers recorded for Seger's latest album, "Face the Promise." Rock closed the show with Seger on Dec. 20 but is scheduled to be in Iraq entertaining troops until Friday. Still, he's expected back in time for Saturday's concert.

"You never know with him," says Seger, who joined Kid Rock for encores at his two pre-Super Bowl XL concerts in February at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena. "We're ready to go at a moment's notice. We play ('Real Mean Bottle') at sound check. We have to be on our toes, 'cause you never know when he's gonna show up."