In its usual first quarter store pruning, Trans World Entertainment has shut down 134 stores -- more than expected -- bringing the total store count to 992.

In past years, in has not been uncommon for Trans World to shut down 35-60 underperforming stores, usually right after Christmas. According to Trans World executive VP John Sullivan, the number of stores spiked this year due to the Musicland acquisition last March. About two-thirds of the shuttered stores were part of the Musicland deal. In that deal, Trans World took over 335 Sam Goody and Suncoast Motion Picture stores and the latest cuts have brought that number down to 250 stores.

Additionally, Trans World is moving to complete its logo consolidation plan by converting the free-standing store banners to FYE, its main DBA, by early next year. This move impacts the Coconuts, Spec’s, Strawberries and Wherehouse banners. The Suncoast logo will be retained and used for its DVD stores, which after the latest round of closures, number around 100 outlets.