The RIAA released its annual shipment statistical analysis today which revealed overall 2006 sales that totaled $11.5 billion, down 6.2% from the $12.27 billion in U.S. sales volume as counted by suggested list price in 2005.

The industry group tracked $1.6 billion in digital music transactions -- which accounted for nearly 14% of overall 2006 music sales -- a 21.6% increase over the 2005 total of $1.3 billion. Within that, the RIAA says that 586.4 million digital tracks and 27.6 million albums were downloaded for revenue of $856.5 million. Mobile registered 315.3 million transactions which accounted for $774.5 million of the digital bottom line.

Additionally, 1.7 million subscriptions -- which the RIAA didn't reflect in the digital total -- on a weighted annual average basis, yielded $206.2 million in revenue.

Looking at packaged goods, the RIAA tracked 642.6 million units, which generated $9.65 billion in sales, a 13.8% decline from the 11.2 billion unit transactions it reported in the prior year. CD album sales on a unit basis totaled 614.9 million, or $9.16 billion, down about 12.9% from the 705.4 million units, or $10.52 billion the format generated in 2005.

The RIAA says that music video sales declined 31.8% to 23.1 million units, which generated $451 million in volume. The other configurations, LP and cassette albums and singles, combined moved 4.6 million units, generating $37.5 million.

Getting back to digital, mobile showed a healthy increase, growing 85.5% from the 170 million transactions counted by RIAA in 2005. Looking at subscriptions more closely, the category grew 38.3% from the $149 million they yielded in the prior year.

Reviewing digital downloads, a la carte singles were up 59.8% from the 366.9 million counted in 2005; and albums were up 103.3% from the 13.6 million units tracked in the prior year.

Last year, 1.4 million digital transactions occurred at kiosks, generating $1.9 million in business while 9.9 million music video downloads rang up $19.7 million in volume.