Best Buy, which has partnered with the HD Digital Radio Alliance and iBiquity Digital Corporation, has become the first national retailer to make the HR Radio products available throughout its national chain of 832 stores.

The HD Digital Radio Alliance has previously partnered with RadioShack, Circuit City, Sharper Image and Wal-Mart to provide consumers with HD Radio products in select stores.

Customers interested in purchasing HD Radio technology for their cars can find the JVC HD-W10 Mobile HD Radio receiver and the Visteon Zoom in stores now. Best Buy plans to augment its HD Radio selection with home products and more mobile offerings through the end of the year.

In addition to a consumer education effort that includes newspaper advertising and a point-of-sale program, Best Buy will provide interactive HD Radio listening stations where customers can sample HD Radio content and sound quality.

iBiquity president and CEO Robert Struble called the Best Buy HD Radio expansion "another major step forward for HD Radio technology." He added, "Following rapid adoption by the broadcast community and an increasing range of products for the mass market, Best Buy's efforts will dramatically accelerate consumer adoption of this great new technology."