In a realignment of WEA's organizational structure, executive VP and COO Mike Jbara and GM/CFO Matt Signore will take on additional duties, and veteran sales executive Mitch Imber has joined the company as senior VP of physical sales.

Imber, who previously was senior VP of sales and marketing for the Island Def Jam Music Group, will oversee the national sales staff and report to Jbara. With the addition of Imber, senior VP sales and marketing Todd Van Gorp and senior VP of sales Rick Froio depart the company.

Jbara who was overseeing the company's day-to-day operations, now will have
responsibility for both the physical and digital sales team. In addition to Imber, senior VP of digital sales and marketing Larry Mattera reports directly to Jbara.

"Mattera and [Imber] will be partners joined at the hip and going to the market together," says Jbara. "They manage different configurations into the same account, and they will be managing seperately to unique accounts" that only carry one configuration, either digital or physical.

In the latter situation, there can be products that are primary physical but have digital characteristics, and "they will jointly deliver our message to each account," he adds.

WEA president and CEO Esposito says that even though physical and digital product are "two different disciplines, we were the first to put them in the same place 4 and a half years ago because these things belong together. We understood that you can't silo it because physical impacts digital and visa versa."

Meanwhile, Signore, who oversees sales analysis and finance, will also assume responsibilities for the marketing services division led by WEA senior VP of marketing and advertising Alyson Shapero.

Both Signore and Jbara continue reporting to Esposito, who says he has given that addtional responsibilities because, "I have watched [Signore and Jbara] interact with accounts and engage them in a different fashion that the customers are used to, in a real analytical and strategic perspective," Esposito says.