- Sony Electronics has teamed up with HMV stores to offer anyone buying Walkman-branded MP3 player a free three-month trial of the HMV digital music service. The promotion does not include Walkman branded phones, however.

- MixRevolution.com is a new online social network designed specifically for DJs. It offers original video content, artist and DJ interviews, product reviews, event coverage, as well as a wide selection of music genres to sample. The site also features incentive-based surveys that lets DJs discuss what music works and what doesn't for various purposes.

- Sony Computer Entertainment is upgrading the PlayStation Portable handheld game platform to add support for AOL's SHOUTCast Internet radio service. As long as the device is connected to a WiFi hotspot, users can stream any of AOL's 20,000 Internet radio stations on the device. The company says more than half of PSP owners already use it for music listening purposes.

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