Capitol Records Nashville VP of A&R Larry Willoughby and VP of sales Bill Kennedy are among those who have exited the company as part of parent EMI's previously announced worldwide restructuring of its recorded music division.

EMI had no official comment on the cuts, but it's expected that these will be among the last since the company previously announced that all restructuring would be finalized by the end of June.

Denise Arguijo, a production manager has also reportedly exited the Nashville division.

As previously reported, EMI is making decisive moves toward a radically centralized management structure built around function and region, rather than by label. To execute these plans, EMI chairman Guy Hands has assigned EMI veterans to new responsibilities, poached top-flight executives from rival labels and recruited fresh talent from outside the music business.

As part of that process, the imminent departure of Capitol Music Group chairman/CEO Jason Flom and the expected reassignment of Blue Note Records president Bruce Lundvall to new duties will allow for the dismantling of the Capitol group and Blue Note into one front-line label group housing multiple imprints organized around job functions.

While the new U.S. structure has begun to take shape with key appointments to some executives -- and winks to others, letting them know they have a place in the future -- most of the heavy lifting, including layoffs, is expected to take place before the end of June, when Capitol Music president Lee Trink will leave his post.

Additional reporting by Ed Christman and Lars Brandle