Independent digital distributor IODA announced partnerships with several European distributors in advance of the Popkomm Conference in Berlin. Discograph, Forte Music Distribution, Harmonia Mundi Distribution, Cobayn, and the Music Information Center Austria (MICA), have all signed deals to use IODA's D3 platform to power digital distribution for their labels.

Discograph is the fourth largest independent distributor, label and publisher in France. Their catalog includes artists such as Gotan Project, Cocoon, Nouvelle Vague, Brisa Roché, and Coralie Clément. Harmonia Mundi Distribution is the largest independent full-line music distributor in France. The company distributes more than 50 independent international catalogs, an entire range of classical, jazz, pop, and world music labels.

Forte Music Distribution is an independent distribution company based in the UK that distributes Reactor, End Of The Road Records, Fineday, Timbreland, and Midium, among others. Cobayn is an aggregator and digital distribution service, whose labels include Mille Plateaux, Allstar Music, Clockwork Records and Energized Records. Finally, MICA acts as a service center for the interests of music makers living in Austria.