The administrator of Woolworths distribution arm EUK, has confirmed it has begun the sale of all remaining stock at the company's warehouse.

In reply to recent media speculation that the 2.9 million CDs, 1.8 million books and 1.1 million games were to be auctioned off, a spokesperson for administrators Deloitte tells "We're in the process of selling off all stock."

Deloitte was appointed administrator of EUK and the Woolworths retail business on Nov. 27, as the Woolworths Group placed both businesses into administration, roughly equivalent to Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States. No buyer was found for either business, and all Woolworths stores have now closed.

Stores previously serviced by EUK accounted for just under 32% of all albums sold in the U.K. for the twelve months ending Oct. 12, according to market research company TNS. The collapse of EUK was cited as a prime factor in entertainment retail chain Zavvi also entering administration on Dec. 24.