-- A royalty statement acquired by Music Ally shows Comes With Music users in the U.K. downloaded an average of 61 songs per month. Compare that to the range Nokia gave for new users, between 200 and 300 songs per month. Those numbers suggest that after a brief period of downloading frenzy, new users' involvement slows dramatically. Since Comes With Music has been around since November 2008, it appears the honeymoon is quite short. Users in Singapore, on the other hand, have downloaded an average of 180 songs per month. Why the difference? The mobile download market is more mature in Singapore than it is in the U.K. The service is available through more handset models in Singapore, including the 5800 XpressMusic. And because Comes With Music was launched in Singapore in February, there has been less time to experience a similar drop-off. (Music Ally)

-- Six members of the House and four members of the Senate are now part of the opposition against a performance royalty for terrestrial radio. (Radio Online)

-- Now there's another report that EMI general counsel Chris Ancliff has resigned to join Warner Music Group. An earlier report on Ancliff's departure for Warner surfaced in The Times in late March. (The Lawyer)

-- Live Nation has entered into a lease with the City of Atlanta for the Lakewood Amphitheater. The company will invest in renovations. The city will get a percentage of ticketing, parking, concessions and merchandise revenue. (The Weekly)

-- The Virgin Megastore in Hollywood started its close-out sale began on Thursday. The report says a closing date has not yet been announced. (LA Times' Pop & Hiss)

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