U.K.-based music store 7digital has partnered with technology manufacturers Imerge to deliver a fully integrated home entertainment download store.

The deal will allow 7digital users in the United Kingdom to access and purchase high quality MP3 downloads directly through touch-screen Imerge home entertainment systems without having to access a 'traditional' Web site.

The integrated store will initially be offered to Imerge customers in the U.K. and U.S., with more territories to follow.

The Imerge branded store has been built using 7digital's API (application programming interface), giving Imerge users the ability to browse, select and purchase MP3 downloads from a catalog of over 6 million tracks from the 7digital.com catalogue.

Ben Drury, CEO 7digital, said in a statement: "We designed our API platform to make it very easy for consumer electronics companies to integrate a download store with their devices. Providing access to high quality digital media is becoming increasingly crucial for consumers and innovative companies like Imerge, who provide excellent in-home entertainment solutions."

Cameron Wade, CEO at Imerge, added: "7digital's offering ticked all the boxes - an extensive, high-quality DRM free catalogue, across multiple territories with a comprehensive and extensible API. This has allowed Imerge to concentrate on delivering the compelling user experience expected by our discerning customers."