Music City Record Distributors, which first opened its doors in 1953, has shuttered six of its seven stores. The fate of its last location in Summerville, S.C., is unknown.

The store closings occurred on Thursday (Sept. 10) and consisted of four Cat's locations and two Poplar locations in Memphis. One of the latter stores, at 308 Poplar Street, is where Elvis Presley used to shop, according to local Memphis legend.

The company didn't immediately return a call for comment. But the notice put on shuttered stores blamed the closings on the economic downturn, illegal downloading, poor support from the record labels, expensive health care insurance, high taxes, and big box retailers that sell music below Music City's cost to purchase it. All of the issues combined, according to the notice, "has reduced the traditional record store to road kill with a slight pulse."

The notice thanks its customers and encouraged them going forward to buy physical goods from independent retailers rather than downloads, which, it said, would stimulate the local economy.