U.K. entertainment retailer HMV has issued a limited edition charity calendar featuring the stars of its "my inspiration" advertising campaign. HMV hopes to raise £20,000 ($33,100) for CLIC Sargent, the children's and young person's cancer charity.

The three-year press campaign is a familiar one for U.K. consumers. Iconic artists and newcomers approached for the series are invited to share the lyric or lines that have inspired them. The calendar features the selections of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, the Killers, Bono, Deborah Harry, Tom Waits, Keith Richards and other icons. HMV's campaign began in September 2006, when Bowie selected Syd Barrett's "Gigolo Aunt."

The calendar is available priced £7.99 ($13.24) - up to £4 ($6.62) will go to the charity - in more than 270 HMV stores in the U.K. and can be ordered online at hmv.com.

Bob Dylan selected Scottish poet Robert Burns as his inspiration, while Dylan was in turn named by Bono and McCartney. The former Beatle went for "She Belongs To Me" and the U2 frontman chose "Visions of Johanna."

The late Bob Marley and Elvis Presley also feature: Island Records founder Chris Blackwell chose Marley's "One Love" for August 2010, while HMV staff selected "Suspicious Minds" for Elvis in March 2010.

The A3-sized calendar, produced at cost by manufacturer Danilo, has 18 months' worth of selections, ending January 2011 with Metallica's choice of "Overkill" by Motorhead. The artist shots are by celebrated rock photographers including Anton Corbijn and Lawrence Watson.

Graham Sim, HMV marketing director, said in a statement that the campaign "reminds us that songs and even a simple lyric can hold an intensely personal meaning for us all."

"We hope that music fans everywhere will enjoy this calendar, in the knowledge that they are also contributing to our charity, CLIC Sargent, and we're grateful to everyone that has given HMV their support in making this possible," he added.

The calendar is available for overseas customers via mail order from hmv.com.